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Variable Inline Foam Inductor - Z S Delta Fire Hub : + 62815 7477 4384

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General Description
Delta Variable Inline Foam Inductors provide a simple, cost effective means of introducing foam concentrates into the water stream. They are calibrated to pick up between 1% to 6% foam concentrate.
The standard unit is manufactured  in  corrosion  resistant materials. A fully marinised unit is available for continuous use with sea water in particularly harsh marine environments.
Delta Inductors are designed to match Delta Low and Medium Expansion Foam
Branchpipes or equivalent types.
    Standard Marine (m)  
Body Gunmetal LG4 Gunmetal LG4  
Outlet Light Alloy (Anodised) Gunmetal LG4  
Nozzle 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel  
Bypass Gunmetal LG4 Gunmetal LG4  
Filter Stainless Steel Stainless Steel  
Venturi High Strength Nylon High Strength Nylon  
Dial Anodised Light Alloy Bronze  
Finish Epoxy Polyester Coated Natural  
Inlet/Outlet 2” BSP Male 2” BSP Male  
A wide range of International fittings are available. The units are supplied complete with foam pick up tube and optional stainless steel piercer.
Model Flow   L/Min Foam Pressure Weight Length
  8 Bar 10  Bar Pick-up Range (Bar) Kg mm
Z225  200  225 1%  to 6% 01/05/2016 5.7 350
Z450  400  450 1%  to 6% 01/05/2016 5.7 350
Z900  800  900 1%  to 6% 01/05/2016 5.8 390
Note : Fully marinised models weigh 1.5kg extra
Fixed  Versions          
Fixed versions of all the above inductors are available with the percentage foam pick up pre-set and locked to suit customer requirements. Flange end connectors are available also on these models