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Laser Methane Mini Gen2 Crowcon Hub : + 62815 7477 4384

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Specifications Model LMm LMm-G Gas Methane ( CH4 ) and methane containing gases Methane ( CH4 ) and methane containing gases Range 1 - 50,000 ppm*m ( %LEL or %Vol available ) 1 - 50,000 ppm*m ( %LEL or %Vol available ) Laser Light Colour Red Green Detection distance 0.5m - 30m / 1.5 ft - 100 ft 0.5m - 30m / 1.5ft - 100ft ( 0.5m - 100m / 1.5 ft - 330 ft using optional reflective sheet ) ( 0.5m - 100m / 1.5 ft - 330 ft using optional reflective sheet ) Size 70 ( W ) x 179 ( D ) x 42 ( H ) mm 70 ( W ) × 179 ( D ) × 42 ( H ) mm Weight 600g or less ( including battery ) 530g or less ( including battery ) Battery Rechargeable ni-MH battery Rechargeable ni-MH battery Operating time Approx. 6 hours minimim per charge  Approx 5 hours Blutooth connected - approx 4.5 hours  Operating temperature -17°C to +50°C ( 1°F to +122°F D15 )  -17°C to +50°C ( 1°F to +122°F ) Ingress protection IP54  IP54 Certification ATEX: I M2 II 2G Ex ib op-pr/op-is IIA T1 Gb Safe Area EMC Directive  EMC Directive and R&TTE Directives Laser Class 2:1mW  Laser Class sR:5mW  Best Application Hazardous areas Outdoors under strong sunshine


Laser Methane mini (LMm) is a compact handheld detector that can detect methane gas from a safe distance. Utilising laser technology, methane leaks can be quickly confirmed by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. This revolutionary technology removes the need to access elevated places, under floor or other hard to reach areas. It is also ideal for surveying large open spaces e.g. landfills or along pipelines.

NEW LMm-Green! 
LMm is now available with a green laser guide light which is more visible especially under strong sunlight. The Laser Methane Mini-Green (LMm-G) combines the benefit of LMm with additional data storage functions and comes with Bluetooth capability, which can be connected to any android device (through the Gasviewer app) for a variety of data storage functions. Important data like location, gas levels and time can also be saved or emailed to a central point.

Read about the LaserMethane mini being used as a "Burp O-Meter" in a novel application with the BBC!!

LMm and LMm-G are easy to operate and require little maintenance. An automatic self check and calibration ensures consistent performance and reliability every time the units are turned on.

User friendly

  • Point and shoot technology - required little or no training and is easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight - truly portable, can fit in a pocket
  • Green/Red guide laser light - clear visibility of where you are surveying even under strong sunlight
  • Wide organic electroluminescence display - clear and bright readout on screen


  • No moving parts - little maintenance required
  • Self-check and automatic calibration start-up - ensure accurate and reliable reading


  • Data storage - full data logging capabilities
  • Bluetooth and Gasviewer app - connectivity to android devices
  • Location service in Gasviewer app - display and save value as well as location and time on map